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How to beat the post-wedding blues

The best way to stop the post-wedding days’ blues is to have some fun events planned and booked in place before your big day.

This way you will find yourself looking forward to them even before your wedding day. Make a post-wedding plan together, and print it out on fancy paper.

Here is a great list to get you started, to stop the blues and keep the glow going.

Make a plan to cook your wedding meal, and reminisce about your day together.

Save a bottle of your wedding wine to enjoy together at a later date.

Save some of your wedding day napkins to use with your meals.

Include special touches during your wedding day, that you can enjoy again at a later date, great cocktails, and beautiful smelling candles.

Book a meal a month after your wedding in your married names.

When your wedding photos arrive, look at them for the first together with some lovely drinks and make it a special moment.

Make an event of writing your thank you cards together, tell each other what you remember about each guest at your wedding, as you write their card.

Arrange a post-wedding lunch or dinner together with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Ask Alexa to play your first dance music, while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Book a fun creative course to do together.

Watch a movie, and splash out and buy ice cream and popcorn!

Send postcards to each other place of work, addressed to my husband or wife.

Book, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea at your wedding venue.

Buy together your first item for your home as a married couple, and pick a lovely picture or small piece of furniture.

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