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Do you find it difficult to envisage the flowers you are planning for your wedding?

Here I cover the pros and cons of asking for floral mock-ups from your florist before you decide on your final florals.

No doubt your wedding flowers are going to be quite a chunk of your wedding budget so ideally, you would love to see mock-ups of your bouquet and table centrepieces. Flowers are expensive and your choices will define the look of your day.

If you are keen to see mock-ups then you need to check your florist is happy to create these during your initial meeting with them.

Do bear in mind there will be a cost and here I will explain why.

Flowers are bought wholesale therefore to create your bouquets and centrepiece mock-ups the florist will be buying in packets of flowers, not just the stems they use for your arrangements. There is also no guarantee they are going to be able to sell the rest of the flowers they have ordered.

You will have to cover the cost of all the packets being ordered plus your Florists’ time and design to create your bouquet and table centrepiece.

"But these flowers certainly don’t need to go to waste. You can have them made into beautiful paperweights, to hand out to your special guests on your wedding day. Another idea is to have the flowers pressed, to then be used on your wedding stationery.


Depending on which florist you choose some will be happy to create mock-ups and others will feel it is unnecessary, but be able to show you many images of their work or copy an image you have saved.

Much depends on the complexity and the florals required to create your dream wedding flowers. If you wish to see an exact replica of your wedding flowers then expect to pay for this service.


Do consider some florals might not be available, if you are planning a spring wedding and wish to see floral mock-ups in the autumn then chances are those flowers will either be impossible to get hold of or cost an absolute fortune.

If your wedding is over a year ahead, ask for the mock-up to be created at the same time as your wedding is booked. Have the mock-up this June, for your June wedding the following year.

Don't forget to ask your florist when certain flowers are in season, a classic for a wedding is a peony, it is only really available from the end of April to the beginning of July. Trying to get hold of a peony outside of these months is almost impossible.

Always ask your florist for alternatives, maybe they can do a mock-up for you with a very similar flower.

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