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Fed up with waiting or maybe you just don't want a long engagement, let's look at how quickly you can plan your wedding.

Many couples prefer to take time to plan their weddings but if you have decided to bring your wedding date forwards then I have some great tips to help you speed up your wedding planning.


If you are inviting guests then they will need some time to plan ahead, ideally at least six to eight weeks.

You may find many just can't make it so be prepared for this as they have to plan their holidays, organise work life and also a short timeline means they haven't planned for an additional expense.

If you are hosting a small wedding with close family and friends let them know as soon as you decide you are going to do it. A quick text message is sufficient rather than deciding on invitations and waiting for guests to receive them in the post and the RSVPs.

We are talking about the essence of speed so many traditions will be thrown out the window!


Whilst it is tempting to deliberate over making decisions if time is not on your side you must be prepared to make decisions very quickly and just get everything booked.

Decide on the ceremony and venue and everything else will quickly slot into place.


If you have never planned a wedding or have no idea where to start it is definitely worth investing in some help and hiring a wedding planner. Many will do short term planning and have a wealth of suppliers they already know and trust. They will quickly be able to create a timeline for you and make sure all the suppliers are coordinated on the day.

If this isn't within your budget then you will have to be flexible, a lot of suppliers get booked up in advance so consider a weekday wedding or an out of season wedding and you will find more suppliers may be available at short notice.

If they are available book them, be ready to pay deposits and make sure you have contracts with each supplier as to exactly what they will be providing for your wedding day. As an example, the times they are to be present at your wedding so don't forget the details.

You don't want to find you thought you had booked a photographer for 8 hours only to find out they are only contracted for 6 hours or you thought the catering was providing glassware only to find out on the day it isn't in your contract with them.


Be ready to have your money ready, most couples budget over a year but if you are planning a short time led wedding you do need access to your wedding budget funds.

If you are hosting a wedding during a down season or a weekday with a short term booking you may be able to find some negotiation room with your suppliers.


Be super organised and ask for help. Get your best friend to help with the accommodation arrangements or speak to the venue. Ask your parents to decide on the catering details, don't forget in the old days the bride never planned her wedding it was all done for her so let go of the micro management and enjoy everyone helping and being involved.

They will all feel part of it too and the excitement will build up for your wedding.

If there is someone whose taste you completely trust let them be in charge of decor, florals and organising your wedding cake.

Do remember your wedding day is all about you as a couple and it is a celebration of your love, it is not all about what flavour the cake is!!!

I love the thrill of a quick plan wedding, it can be really exciting, also liberating, as you don't have the time to spend checking every venue and supplier.

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