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Five Wedding Day Tips

You’ve spent the last year planning your perfect wedding. Everything is in place; you’re happy with your plans. There are just a few things to sort out. Perfect, you have it all under control.

Then it starts!!

Those niggling thoughts and the middle-of-the-night sweats!

What have I forgotten?

Who have I forgotten?

Do I have everything?

Stop panicking…

And read my top five wedding day tips to keep your wedding on track.

Tip #1 - Wedding panic buying and overspending

You’re sitting down after a hard day at work, having a lovely cup of tea, and then suddenly out of nowhere, you’re wondering do you have enough flowers and table decorations.

Before you know it, you’ve grabbed your phone, and logged onto Pinterest & checked Instagram to get more ideas.

You see some great stuff, then it’s straight onto Etsy, and YAY, they can deliver in time for your wedding.

Boom you’ve spent another £200.

Brace yourself, you’re going to have the same thoughts about some other details again at the weekend.


Stop and take a breath, and remember your lovely vision board and the detailed Pinterest collection you created.

You already have what you need, and your guests will think so too.

You don’t need to fill up every space on the tables.

Also, who is going to have the time to put it all out, and where are you going to put all this stuff after your wedding?

Tip #2 - How much alcohol do we need for our wedding guests?

It’s now the weekend and you’re opening a well-deserved bottle of wine.

It’s starting again.

What’s worse is your intended is at home, and you’re about to put them on the worry train too!

Do you have enough booze for all your guests??

You’re now both worrying, and overthinking it.

Aunty Beryl and Uncle George, well they like a drink.

Oh, and your brothers, they also like a good drink.

You both agree you need more, loads more.

You get on the phone and order more of everything just in case

Phew, sorted, panic over. Boom that’s another £300 spent!

Stop…put the phone down.

Here is another one of my five wedding day tips, you’ve already calculated how much you need, lovely welcome drinks are appreciated, nice beers and wine for your wedding breakfast, and for the toast is just right.

so, relax and don’t bust your budget on the booze.

Tip #3 - Over-inviting guests

Sadly, your gorgeous family and friends, maybe a little tardy in getting their RSVPs back to you. It’s now getting close to your wedding day. You’ve sent some gentle reminders, but you’re still waiting on them.

Nobody wants empty seats at their wedding.

Also, you have paid for their lovely meal.

What do you do?

I know, let’s invite Sally from the office, she’s great – and you know she’ll come, and she’ll bring whatever random fella she has on the go.

How about also inviting that couple from the gym, they seem nice!

Don’t do it, just get on the phone, and call all your missing invited guests.

It will be nice to catch up with them anyway, and they’ll be delighted to hear from you, and chat about all your wedding plans.

And then ask them - are you coming to our wedding?

Tell them you’re not sure if they have sent the RSVP, and it’s gone missing! Of course, they are coming.

Don’t panic and over-invite guests – you’ll have no room for them all, let alone the extra cost.

Tip #4 - Checklists and timeline ticked off your to-do list

You’re a very busy couple and it’s your day off.

Yes, there’s still the wedmin to be cracked, but doing nice things and relaxing together is important right!

You still have plenty of time to get back to the photographer with the important people and photos list.

The wedding day timeline will just come together on its own, it can’t take that long to put together and write up surely.

REALITY CHECK!!! These things take time and thought to get right.

Doing these important jobs in plenty of time will make sure you’re relaxed in the weeks leading to your big day, and nothing or nobody important is forgotten.

This is my top tip of my five wedding day tips., schedule these jobs one at a time and make a date out of it.

This is a great excuse to pop out and get a lovely bottle of wine with some great cheeses & treats, to enjoy while you work.

You’ll end up looking forward to cracking the next job if there are treats or lovely snacks involved

Tip #5 - Ask for help.

You’re a creative couple and have really enjoyed the past months creating and putting together all the table centrepieces, personalised stationery, and the other important, just ‘so you’ touches!

You’ve just popped your head into the spare room, or wedding central as you now call it!

You can’t believe your eyes. How did there get to be so much?

How am I going to get everything in place and perfect on the day?

Your dream wedding day morning has now turned into a frantic vision of you running around, and not enjoying the time getting ready.

Here’s my top tip. Get some help, and don’t do it yourself.

There’re options available for you.

Ask someone you know that isn’t part of the wedding party to do the setup for you.

We all know that super organised person, that would just do it all for you.

Or you can hire an On the Day Wedding coordinator, who will breeze through your mountain of wedding prep boxes, and set everything up to your picture-perfect vision.

Good, you have read my five wedding day tips, and now you can now breathe and relax as you have your wedding plans back into perspective.

Are you a Kent couple, and have been thinking about hiring an On the Day Wedding coordinator?

Someone to help support you with your wedding suppliers, and your personal touches, and deal with any eventuality.

Giving you back your wedding day morning, to enjoy making yourself fabulous, and spending your precious time with your loved ones. If you are, then ...........


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