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Your wedding ceremony and reception are organised and now is the time to plan your morning. Here I list some important tasks to consider on the morning of your wedding day.


Hair and makeup, getting dressed and enjoying this time in the morning is so important, there is nothing worse than feeling stressed. Make sure you factor in enough time. Talk to your planner and your makeup and hair artists and ask them how long they need.

If you have a large bridal party getting ready consider creating a rota of who is getting their hair and makeup done and at what time.

Make a few copies of the rota and stick them to the mirrors, so you don’t keep being asked questions.

Ask them to be ready so they can also plan their mornings. You want to avoid your bridesmaids or mums turning up late and expecting to be attended to straight away if they missed their slot.


Your wedding photographer will need time to take photos of you getting ready.

Communication is so important between you and your wedding photographer to make sure to have those fabulous shots of you and your bridal party before the ceremony.

Plan what you would love captured on your special day, it could be a shot of the perfume you are wearing, detailed shoe shots and your jewellery. Make sure everything is in one place ready for when your photographer arrives, there will be nothing worse than trying to find the gorgeous wedding stationery you specifically bought with you whilst you are having your makeup done.

Factor in time to get everything captured, usually a wedding photographer will spend a good hour with you before your ceremony photographing you, your dress, veil, flowers and capturing this special part of your day.


Don't forget to make sure you are eating and drinking plenty of water before your wedding starts.

You have a long day ahead of you and planning some snacks and drinks is all part of you getting ready. Consider ordering a plate of sandwiches, some mini pastries, plenty of water and maybe even a bottle of sparkly to get you and your girl gang in the mood. The celebrations start now not later!

One of my favourite gifts I have sent to the girls is chocolate-covered strawberries, they always go down a treat and look so pretty, another great photo opportunity!


It is going to be a busy day, try to take some time out just for yourself before the preparations start. This could be a quiet breakfast, practising some yoga, or even a run!

You might like to sit quietly and write down your thoughts, and create a letter for your partner to be opened up on your first wedding anniversary to remind you both of the emotions you felt on your wedding day.

Speak to your family, your mother may want to spend a bit of alone time with you before your besties arrive, don't forget it is an emotional day for everyone and consider how best to make sure everyone enjoys your day.

Pre-planning your morning as well as the rest of the day is going to definitely take any stress away.


If you are helping to set up your wedding start early, get it done and out of the way to enable you to enjoy a bit of pampering. Ask your friends and family if they wouldn't mind helping or doing this the day before leaving you to enjoy your wedding morning and not stressing about place cards and favours. If you don’t have a wedding planner, consider hiring an on the day wedding coordinator, to do all the setting up and running around for you, so you can really relax and enjoy your wedding day morning.

Lastly, if you are getting ready in a hotel, often one of you will be getting ready in the room where you will spend your wedding night. Book cleaners in to turn the room around during your wedding so you go back to a beautifully clean room and not one covered in rollers, makeup, empty plates, glasses and clothes!

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