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Five reasons why you should hire a virtual wedding planner

There are many reasons why a couple thinks about having the support of a virtual wedding planner. Most often, a newly engaged couple doesn’t know where to start. Or a couple that feels that they are taking on so much advice from their lovely friends and super helpful family, that they are now so confused that they need some grounding and clarity.

Or they could be just a super busy couple and need some virtual wedding planning help. Here are my five reasons why you should hire a virtual wedding planner.

Zoom wedding planning sessions are the perfect solution if you need a little help or guidance with your wedding planning. In the one-hour session, virtual wedding planners will cover any wedding planning help that you require.

Tip #1 - Just engaged couples that don’t know where to start

The proposal has been made, and of course, excepted. The first thing to do is jump on Google to start getting ideas and making those dreamy plans. There are so many ideas and different choices that it can become overwhelming, and they just don’t know where to start, do you choose a date first, or is it the venue first? This is where a one-hour session with a virtual wedding planner can calm them down, and give the couple the first steps in their planning to get them off to a great start.

Tip #2 - Busy couples

Busy couples feel that planning their wedding is like having a second part-time job. Research says that it takes an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding. No wonder some couples think that they just don’t have the time. At first, the wedding planning is fun, but then who wants to spend most of their days off and evenings knuckling down to the planning, there are other more fun things to get on with apart from work and wedding planning. These couples just need planning support, and someone to lighten their load. This easily is done over three or more sessions virtually.

It takes an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding

Tip #3 - Just a little intimidating

One of the main concerns I hear from couples is will the wedding planner take over, will I lose control of my wedding. The short answer is of course not. All wedding planners know that it’s your day and that you have dreams about what would make it a perfect wedding day, and they will want to help create that dream wedding. By working with a virtual wedding planner for a few sessions couples will be in total control and gain terrific advice, help and professional knowledge.

Tip #4 - Cost-effective

Not every couple have the budget for a wedding planner. A virtual wedding planner is perfect for low-cost expertise. Over one or two sessions couples can ask questions at any stage of the planning process and get advice on the areas that they need support on, this could be anything from the venue and supplier sourcing, logistical planning, seating plans, or when to send save the dates and invitations.

Tip #5 - Tackling budgets and the Timeline

These are two of the big items on most couples’ to-do lists, and the ones that they keep putting off but are very important. Couples need to know where they can spend their budget, for example, what percentage can go on the wedding attire and very importantly how much of the budget can go on the venue, as this is most often the biggest budget percentage. Then there’s the timeline, which just has to be right, but how does anyone know how much time is required from the start of the day, right to the very end? Also, who needs copies of the timeline? This is where a virtual wedding planner will save you time, advise on budget percentage, and save the day with a timeline that will have the wedding day run as smoothly as silk.

There you have it, five reasons why you should hire a virtual wedding planner. They will become the friendly face over Zoom, that will support, guide and advise you towards your dream wedding day. Of course, you are doing a great job, but everyone needs a little help here and there.

If you could do with some wedding planning help, check out my virtual wedding planning package and see what you get, and how it works here


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